Jennifer's Grave

Jennifer's Grave is situated in the Oxted Parish Council Burial Ground. The location is grave 778 next to mine, which is 779, on her left hand side, as we slept together for 47 years. I am not clear in my mind [yet!] as to how her [and mine] memorial will be finalised and how it will look, but it will be very special, just as she was. I regret very much that the Parish Council have onerous regulations about how the graves and their memorials shall look [no headstones, size and no double graves] however many graves do not comply with these regulations and I am certain I will not comply either.


Below are photographs of my darlings grave [dated] and I will update them as required. Our grave is now updated to a double grave where we will lie side by side, in the same way we slept together for over 40 years, me always on her left.


Alas all real flowers and plants are eaten/detroyed by rabbits and birds within a few days, so I have resorted to making my own wreaths and floral tributes from silk flowers.

This is our new grave, incorporating Jens into a double side by side grave. the white sign on my side say's 'Waiting for Jim' just as my darling requested.

If you want to visit the location can be found via the slide show below. Our grave numbers are 778 [Jen] and 779 [me]

This screen show will give you an idea where my darlings grave is located. [all photographs taken in September]

I took this photo [the first] on 1st March 2012 [the day after her Funeral]
This is the 2nd photograph I took 15th March 2012 all the real flowers were spoilt within a few days
This was my darlings grave in May 2012 and I have marked my grave next to my darlings. The yellow daisies were bought by Jen for our kitchen in 2005 every thing else were constructed and placed there by me - she loved Poppy's and the Roses show my love
July 2012 - I have now shaped the grave from its coffin shape to a rectangle. I also added a new extra heart shaped wreath and two solar lights
10pm on 28th October, 250 days from her death - the lights on her grave ensure she in never in darkness,and I am always with her.
Her new Anniversary Wreath - yellow tulips [her favorite] daffodils and poppys taken 15th Feb 2013
This is the Christmas front door wreath, on our front door for 15 years. Now on my darlings grave. [she loved that little Robin]
This is my darlings grave [with the Christmas wreath] on 3/12/12 - 286 days after her death
My darlings grave on the 21st February 2013.The first Anniversary of her death.
The flowers brought by a friend on the anniversary of my darlings death. The beautiful words on the card are copied in the 'My Random Thoughts' section of the site.
Dec 10th 2013 ready for her Christmas - how I wish I could share it with her just one more time.

This is my darlings grave, 2 years, 2 months, 2 days and 2 hours following her death.


I am told that 3 to 5 years, as a minimum, is how long the sorrow, sadness and regret lasts. To day I think about her all the time, as I do every day. Everything I do each day brings her into my head. in the moring, washing, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, sitting in the car, shopping, when I turn off the light at night, in fact everythin I do she is with me in my head - it's not a happy life........

My little sign next to her gave, I am always with her, she is never alone.