The Promises

As we spoke together may times about her death, in her final days, she asked me to promise to do many things, a new will, our financial arrangements. but above all the following list came from my notes during or after every converstion.

The blanks are not for public consumption, the rest are straight forward. some were easy and some remain very difficult. The few that are not completed [*stared*] require more time and though I did promise when she was alive, these are much more difficult to complete now she is dead.

Again I point out what a brave, thoughtful and caring wonderful lady she was.

53 Promises I made to my darling during the last three weeks she was alive

1. Don't do anything silly - suicide*
2. Think only of our life before my illness, not the last 7 weeks*
3. Live a happy life*
4. See how your book ends right to the last sentence of the last chapter*
5. Start a new social life*
6. Keep in touch with all your/our friends
7. Do some work again – any work to keep you busy*
8. Look smart and clean at all times
9. Don't wear dirty or stained shirts
10. Take care of and look after Cassie and Bob
11. Look after Brooke as we always have
12. Keep Brooke at LNDS to 6th form
13. Pay for everything Brooke needs
14. Keep Brookes bedroom as it is till you move then let her decide if she wants anything
15. Give Brooke my netbook.
16. Give Brooke my letter when she is older [unfinished]
17. Take Brooke to see Miranda at the theatre
18. Take Brooke on a River trip see all the sites of London from the river
19. Take the family to France for another villa holiday
20. Urgently draw up a new will, all to be as we agreed
21. Keep my funeral and all to do with my death DIGNIFIED
22. You choose which dress I will wear in my coffin
23. Cassie should supervise my make-up and appearance, keep everything dignified
24. Words on my headstone to be simple do not mention the 'little white bungalow'
25. On your grave, place a sign – 'waiting for Jim'
26. Give those nurses/carers who looked after me my great thanks and chocolates or biscuits
27. When you are ready, move to an apartment and leave Cherryfield
28. Keep the garden nice till you leave Cherryfield
29. . *
30. . *
31. Cassie only to sort all my things keep/give away/sell/dispose
32. Use xxxxxxxxxx/London equivalent for all my beautiful unwanted clothes, shoes etc., *
33. Give any jewellery to Cassie/Brooke/Luci/Doreen sell or dispose of the rest
34. Give Cassie/Luci all cooking/kitchen equipment dispose of the rest
35. Clear out the loft [Cassie/Bob/Luci to take their things]
36. Give my car to Cass or if she doesn't want it sell it
37. . *
38. Sort out the office filing before you move
39. Destroy all my files
40. Make sure all my accounts are empty before I go
41. Dispose of all my teaching papers and files – everything to do with teaching
42. Keep on top of the house work
43. Learn to do the washing and ironing
44. Do not speed in your car
45. Tidy up the garage as we planned to do
46. Eat properly and healthily
47. Cut down how much you smoke
48. Go to the doctors if you have any problems no matter how small
49. Use the chiropodist – don't do them your self
50. Use spell check every time you write anything
51. Remember to send birthday/anniversary cards to all our family and friends
52. Delete all my files on the computer and netbook
53. . *

Promise number 17 - done!