Her Favourite Music - at the time of her death

Jen loved popular music throughout her life. She used to give me song names that she liked, and I would find them and record them for her. First it was tapes for her player and the car and then of course it was CD's. I alway copied 2 one for her CD player [one in the lounge and the mobile, usually in the kitchen] the other for her car. She always played them very loud, soon knew the words by heart and always danced to them when she was on her feet. In the car [by her self they were defening] I always knew when she was home in the car - I could hear the music in the house!


The last CD I made up for her was in December [2011] for Christmas I always put a message to her from me. This is one of the many CDs  I made up for my darling [note she always put a message at the bottom]

This is her last CD song list [it has not been played since December 30th  2011] in no particular order but her most favorite at the time of her death is first, and will play automatically to turn it off to listen to another click on the pause icon

[when 'Someone' was playing, always very loud, and I was around she always hold my shoulders and put her face really clost to mine [almost nose to nose] and sing the "YOOOOOOOOUUU" - listen to the first song and you will understand what I mean! - hence I cannot now listen to it at all - its just too painful]


The following songs were all on her last CD, chosen by her and played often by her. I am sitting here in my little office, and I look at the titles and I can hear them playing in the kitchen, loud and her singing along with them.

09 Make You Feel My Love.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [7.0 MB]
07 Vibrate.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [2.7 MB]
06 Drive.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [3.8 MB]
05 Slaveship.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [6.5 MB]
01 Torn.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [3.9 MB]
01 I Drove All Night.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [3.7 MB]
13 Hallelujah.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [13.0 MB]
She always had this one on her cd because she loved to sing it together with Brooke
04 I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).mp4
MP4 video/audio file [3.5 MB]

Some may play some might not depends on your computer settings - I will keep working on them and all, but her favourite at the time of her death should play. Her favourite will play automatically and by now you know how to turn it off to try another...................