This is where you'll find as many photographs of Jennifer as I can find. I will always crop them to show just my darling

If you have any photographs of Jennifer do please get in touch. I would love to put them on this page. I look forward to reading your words on the Messages Page or any comments you may have in the guestbook!

Our Wedding day - 1967
My darling girl aged 27 in 1974
Jen 2001 [not sure]
Jen 2001
Jen 2002
I have no idea when.....Has she got tears in her eyes... I love her so much
In Florence 2003
Jen 2003
Not sure where or when, but I guess 2003 [cropped, she was not keen on the man she was photographed with], a true 'brave smile'
On windy, burnt out Brighton Pier 2004
Jen 2004
Jen 2005
Jen 2006
Jen 2007
Jen 2008
eating a sandwich at Brookes sports day 2008
Jen 2009
This is the jacket and jeans [but a white blouse] I always see her in in my visions. and the jacket ,blouse and jeans are now in my wardrobe and I will keep them forever.
St Petersburg May 2010
Jen 2010
Jen 2010
Jen [on our last holiday together July 2011
Jen July 2011
August 2011
The last photo of Jen [Oct 2011]