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  • Brett whittell lowe (Saturday, February 22 14 12:56 pm GMT)

    As 2 years have passed your still in my thoughts daily. Whether I see a good film or read a good book or some thing happens or I'm being a parent I think Aunty Jen would love this Aunty Jen would
    tell me to do that. I still love you in spirit as if you were walking with me today. Thanks for the white feathers this Week I know your acknowledging my giving up smoking. That's why I choose to do
    it this month but of course you knew that. Bretttboy xx

  • Gloria Elliott (Sunday, February 16 14 12:10 pm GMT)

    Remembering a very dear friend. Missed every day, her lovely smile and her kind heart. Gloria and family. xxxx

  • Sara Riley (Thursday, October 31 13 05:18 pm GMT)

    Remembering you always.

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  • John and Eileen Maynard (Tuesday, June 18 13 06:51 pm BST)

    A lovely sunny eve3ning and we are just thinking of Jenny and how much we miss her

  • John and Eilen Maynard (Monday, February 11 13 06:08 pm GMT)

    Will remember our very dear friend on Friday and thinking of Jim and his lovely family. Jenny is forever in our thoughts.

  • Grahame (Saturday, December 01 12 02:56 pm GMT)

    As with everyone I was immediately smitten with Jenny. The first time we met I was with Caroline at your Channel Islands AGM. We entered the 'conference room' for the pre-dinner drinks and, as one
    does, looked around for friends to go and chat to. I saw Jenny and wondered who she was. She was being the good hostess and looking round too. Our eyes met and she gave that lovely smile she had, so
    I went up to her to introduce myself. As always the conversation flowed so easily as it always did with Jen. It wasn't until a few minutes later when you came across, that I realized who she was.
    Ever since then I have realized what a lovely lady she was.

  • Pauline Carr /Mike Ellis (Monday, October 15 12 07:43 pm BST)

    I still find it hard to believe that Jenny's gone. Being with the Odeon Seniors this weekend you were both in all our thoughts, conversation, and memories. Your memorial to Jenny is heartbreaking,
    but a wonderful tribute. You were both sadly missed. If your ever this way please give us a call we'd love to see you or put you up if you need a bed in Brum anytime, All our love
    Pauline and Mike

  • Jenny Cutler (Wednesday, October 10 12 02:22 pm BST)

    I have considered Jenny to be my best friend for over 35 years. There will never be anyone to take her place. She was so special. I miss her all the time.

  • Linda and Barry Keward (Sunday, August 26 12 11:04 am BST)

    A lovely, lovely lady who we were so pleased to have known as a friend, who was taken from us so early in her life and will be sadly missed.

  • Stan (Friday, August 24 12 10:28 am BST)

    I'll never forget the kindness and care Jenny extended towards my late wife. Jenny was a
    truly remarkable lady and a dear friend. She brought so much light into the lives of all us that knew her.

  • John and Eileen Maynard (Wednesday, August 22 12 07:24 pm BST)

    We remember Jenny as a beautiful, kind and gentle lady. A very warm smile and she made the best sherry trifle in the world. Sent with our love John and Eileen Maynard

  • Eileen Maynard (Tuesday, August 21 12 07:18 pm BST)

    Jenny was such a beautiful lady so kind and gentle, she will always live in my memory. Miss her so very much and think of her every day, sometimes I talk to her. This is a lovely site and I shall
    visit it often. What a gorgeous photo of Jenny

  • Doreen and Terry (Sunday, June 17 12 06:59 pm BST)

    always in our thoughts. doreen and terry

  • Pam and Nigel (Sunday, June 17 12 06:58 pm BST)

    We shared so many happy times together & will sadly miss our friendly banter & your laughter. We will forever cherish our fond memories of you.

  • Maggie A (Sunday, June 17 12 06:57 pm BST)

    Remembering a lovely lady who was always a pleasure to work with.

  • T G S (Sunday, June 17 12 06:56 pm BST)

    In fond memory of Jenny who worked so hard for us at TGS. She will be sadly missed.

  • Rhett and Nuala (Sunday, June 17 12 06:55 pm BST)

    Leaving us so suddenly meant we couldn't say goodbye but you will be forever remembered for your great kindness, love,Rhett & Nuala

  • Janet and Philip (Sunday, June 17 12 06:53 pm BST)

    For a dear and much loved friend. A true Yorkshire rose.

  • John M (Sunday, June 17 12 06:52 pm BST)

    To a special lady who will be greatly missed

  • Jenny and Peter (Sunday, June 17 12 06:51 pm BST)

    To our very dear and deeply loved friend and to all the happy memories we will always hold close to our hearts. Lots of love from Peter and Jenny

  • Toby and Annie (Sunday, June 17 12 06:49 pm BST)

    Jennie, you consistently gave us your love, friendship and so much precious time when we needed it most. We will miss you so much. Love,

  • Gloria Elliott (Sunday, June 17 12 06:48 pm BST)

    Your friendship will be cherished always with happy memories of the times we spent together. With lots of love Gloria, Simon, Natasha & Darren xxxx

  • Gloria Mead (Sunday, June 17 12 06:47 pm BST)

    To a very dear friend, very happy memories lots of love, Gloria x x

  • Sara & David (Sunday, June 17 12 06:46 pm BST)

    Thank you for being you, your friendship and support when we worked together. I will always remember you. We are so sorry. With love Sara & David

  • C T B F (Sunday, June 17 12 06:44 pm BST)

    With our deepest sympathy

  • Stan F (Sunday, June 17 12 06:43 pm BST)

    With love and happy memories of a wonderful lady.

  • Grahame and Caroline (Sunday, June 17 12 06:41 pm BST)

    Dearest Jenny, You will be truly missed. Thanks for your friendship. Love to Jim and the family Grahame and Caroline xx

  • Brett and James (Sunday, June 17 12 06:34 pm BST)

    Aunty Jenny Cinema's true leading lady from page to screen you directed us with such passion. We have truly been blessed by your star quality.

  • Roy and Fran (Sunday, June 17 12 06:33 pm BST)

    With many fond memories of a loving caring happy Jenny who always thought of others first.. We are privileged to have known her. All our Love