A Lovely Thought - and an Interesting Perspective

I came accross a blog page from one of my darlings friends today. I am always excited when I find anything to do with my darling.


The first blog was written before she died. There is one peice of information in this blog that thrills me.  Jen always said that when I died she would move into central London, she loved London so much [museums, gallaries, theatre etc.,] and this blog mentions her moving into a little house with her friend. On the one hand I am so pleased she had a plan, on the other heartbroken that her plan can now never be realised:-



The other blog suggests the deep and powerful love I had for my darling leads to such great unhappiness, sadness and regret [which it has] and perhaps it is better not to be that much in love, so that there is less pain when one of you goes.

Of course for me I would never have changed my total love for my darling, and the pain I now suffer is a result of 47 love filled years which I would never never change:-