Us - Together.

Again, a new page which will take some time to find all the photographs Its the old ones which will take the time [and I will put them in date order]

Jen was never keen to be photographed, she always thought she looked awfull and over the years, at her request, I must have deleted thousands of photographs of her, solos, groups and us together. Hence they are few and far between, hard to find, so every one I do find [mainly from other people] are precious.

The first photo as a married coulple - 20th October 1967 - only 45 years to go - we both wanted 60
The Last photo of us together Oct 2011 - still married and still so much in love
so much in love 1969
1986 at a Premiere - she looked stunning! - she had written on the back "1986 - the outfit was black with blue trim - stunning eh!"
1990 - Such happy days - so much in love
Boating together 2000
Togther in love - St Petersburg 2011
she was suprised - 2002ish
always beautiful, holding my hand 2004ish
Bankok 2006 - I always loved the way she held me tight
Not sure of where or when [about 2003], but such a great smile!
Before an Indian evening - 2003
Summer in Scotland - 2004
Villa France - 2005
A Western evening - 2005 - what do I look like in comparison
Bangkok - 2004
France 2011 [2nd last photo of us together]

There are so many more - I will put them into a slide show!