A Very Special Day - The 20th October

Our Wedding Anniversary was always important to us both. It was always a special day for us when we remembered our wedding day, our vows and how happy we were to be married to each other. It was a day to remember our past lives together and we recounted many stories of things we had done on 'Our Anniversary'

Over time my habit was to give her a very 'special day', at first it was a present, but it developed into mystery visits and trips which often lasted a few days - togther, alone and in love.

I found this card recently [221 days after she died] I am not sure why she saved it, but she did and I was thrilled to find it.

For the past 35 years I had always saved my Diaries and having looked through them, I have listed below the last 20+ years of the things we did together on 'Our Special Day' with much love, tenderness and happiness.


1990  -  Tour of Northen France [to her delight in 5 star Hotels] 

1991  -  Tour of Switzerland and Italy. [the best hotels, including our honymoon hotel in Lausanne - La Residence, 24 years ealier] 

1992  -  Nothing recorded ???? - why??? 

I have now found a photograph of us together in Greece for our Silver Wedding - Marathon and Athens - wonderful Anniversary together and so much in love.

1993  -  UK & NL tour of all the houses we have ever lived in - 12! [inc Holland] 

1994  -  Celebration Dinner - The Lainsbgough Hotel 

1995  -  South Africa [14 nights] 

1996  -  Lunch Windsor Castle with the Constable of the Tower. [V.C.] 

1997  -  Dinner Buckingham Palace [V.C.] 

1998  -  Coblers Cove Bahamas [14 nights] 

1999  -  LA/Palm Springs [V.C.] 

2000  -  Amsterdam [2 nights] 

2001  -  Venice [3 nights] 

2002  -  Dinner at the Savoy 

2003  -  Paris [2 nights] 

2004  -  Dinner Langshott Manor Hotel [nr Gatwick] this was very special 

2005  -  Dinner and overnite The Dorchester 

2006  -  Touring the USA [20 nights] 

2007  -  Iceland [3 nights] but no 'Northen Lights' to be seen. 

2008  -  Dinner in 'The Pass' South Lodge Hotel 

2009  -  Lunch Harrods and shopping 

2010  -  Dinner Alexander House Hotel 

2011  -  We saved our celebration for our daughters 40th Birthday in a rented house in Nolfolk. by the sea - she said our kingsize water bed was so very comfortable. 

2012  -  I had decided on a visit to Moscow, she had wanted to visit having been to St Petersburg - alas it can now never happen........why oh why did this happen to my most loving, caring, beautiful Wife ???????