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  • Michael Prendergast (Friday, February 20 15 10:29 pm GMT)

    Dearest Jim, Some would say this is not a good day, Wrong because there is still all the love she espoused to be taken up ^ although I have said it before to you,She never dies because she lives on
    the lips of the living. Give her my fondest love today & blessings be with you today. Kindest Regards.

  • David (Sunday, November 23 14 12:21 am GMT)

    Hi Jim,
    I spoke to an old friend today and he told me about the sad loss of
    lovely Jennifer. Pat still remembers how much she made her feel so much
    at ease the first she met her at Lowther and to me she was one of a rare
    breed of people who you instantly like and feel comfortable with. We can
    only offer you our belated deepest sympathy and wish you and yours all
    the best for the future.
    Best wishes,
    Pat and David

  • Michael Prendergast (Sunday, November 16 14 02:24 pm GMT)

    I so often think of you both, especially Jennie each Sunday at Mass. Just dropped in as I often do because just at the moment Im a Somewhat depressive but trying hard to boost myself up. Blessing on
    you both as always.

  • brett whittell lowe (Sunday, September 14 14 12:46 am BST)

    Today I completed a marie curie walk 10k in rememberance of aunty jenny . Why because I always walked with her and because I've nursed it combined the two of us. I proudly raised 1865 plus 465 gift
    aid =2235. This was because my friends knew how much I loved aunty jen and how much mg friends live me .

  • Lucia Grazia McMaster (Friday, August 01 14 09:54 pm BST)

    Thank you so much for writing about Jenny's final journey. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you. My mum is getting close to the end too. I'm her only caregiver and living
    relative and am heartbroken with the suffering she's going through and the day I last stroke her hair coming so soon. You have clearly been an angel of a husband and caregiver, may God bless you
    endlessly. I will keep you in my prayers. I'm sure Jenny is soaring high. Hugs and love, Lucy

  • Desmond FitzGerald (Sunday, February 23 14 05:38 pm GMT)

    Dear Jim,
    I was thinking about you this Friday - the 21st - as it happened and found this website by chance, which I have now read thoroughly. I have too many thoughts than can fit here, but while I send them
    separately, let me offer my sincere condolencies and congratulate your courage in creating and maintaining this dignified website.
    Please add my separately-sent thoughts here if you wish.

  • Brett whittell-Lowe (Saturday, February 22 14 12:48 pm GMT)

    It has taken me some time to look at this web page. Not because I didn't want to but wasn't ready. And I had my 20 plus years memories to think about. I was sad at some of the pull yourself together
    comments to Uncle Jim which were blunt, and yes some people are blunt I guess but as I know when Aunty Jen wanted us to acknowledge our behaviour or face our problems it was done with caring and
    kindness. Something I learned from her and admired in her. Today was the day I needed to look and gain strength from her.

  • Michael Prendergast (Friday, February 21 14 04:24 pm GMT)

    Dearest friend, Had to visit today, as you know its just a few weeks since my dearest friend Jackies 2nd anniv and although I can never be as close physically to her as you were to Jen the pain never
    leaves so I understand completely. The hardest part is "acting" no one knows what its like inside. Bless you my dear friend. I think of you both so often & remember you both at Mass every Sunday
    and a special candle will be lit this week.

  • Michael Prendergast (Saturday, August 17 13 06:30 pm BST)

    One of many visits I have made but the first time I have acknowleged my visit. It is always so moving Jim & you know I understand more than a little your enormous hurt, I remember her at Mass
    every Sunday. Peace be with you dear friend.

  • Martin (Tuesday, June 25 13 03:12 pm BST)

    I am at Sue's mum and Sue and her mum mentioned you and what goodies for lunch with you laterthis week and of course we too don't have a day free when we don't think about our darling Jen... All we
    can every say Long Life to you and your children and grandchild.. these are the things Jen wants you to make sure they are protected as long as possible,, Stop Smoking - C U Frying Day

  • Gary Stevens (Sunday, March 03 13 02:28 pm GMT)

    Dear Jenny A smile so bright a heart so dear a lovely lady that is clear. Help us all to find the strength to support our Jim who will always hold you near - Gary

  • Michael Prendergast (Thursday, February 21 13 07:49 am GMT)

    • “You can shed tears that she is gone,
    or you can smile because she has lived.
    You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back,
    or you can open your eyes and see all she's left.
    Your heart can be empty because you can't see her,
    Or you can be full of the love you shared
    Special thoughts with you today.

  • Wanda (Tuesday, February 19 13 05:47 pm GMT)

    Dear Jim, I read your daily comments tonight.. the one's you
    have written over the last week or so. It makes me sad that you know how
    many people come to this site.. yet have no idea who they are because
    they rarely leave a message. So all you can do is sit and wonder. You've
    made it clear that you truly want to know who we are that come to visit
    you and Jen, and I feel sure everyone knows you want us to leave a
    message so you know who we are. Yet obviously.. we visit.. but.. fail to
    identify ourselves. I owe you an apology.. because I am someone who
    comes to visit often..

    I've thought about why it is that so many come to visit .. yet few or
    none leave a message. I really believe it's because.. no one knows what
    to say. Even me.. who lost my husband to lung cancer on March 28th
    2012.. and completely understands your need to hear people's thoughts
    etc.. find it so difficult to put into words something I consider
    suitable to say in a message to you..

    As I've told you.. I have been here quite often and have only left a
    message for you several times.. but.. on almost every visit..I spend
    time trying to compose a message to you.. but.. find it almost

    What makes it so hard is.. our humaneness makes us think we need to send
    you words to make you feel better. If anyone knows that's's me...yet.. I still struggle with trying to do that.

    I finally give up in sadness and heartache feeling I have failed someone
    who (like myself) is in so much emotional pain.

    I truly believe everyone wants to say something.. but..this beautiful
    site you have created has brought all of us into your family.. and
    we..are also grieving Jen's death...and in our sadness and grief...we
    are made speechless...therefore..we quietly come here...spend some
    time.. and quietly leave..feeling sad and feeling the loss of an amazing
    woman..even though we have never met her. The overload of emotions this
    tribute to your wife brings into each visitors truly

    We all have our own personal beliefs when it comes to religion,
    afterlife, eternal life, higher power..etc. Personally, I believe she
    is smiling down at you and is so thankful she choose you to spend her
    life with..

    I understand your dreading the 1st anniversary of her death.. I too feel
    the same way..and I don't understand the feelings... You will be in my
    prayers on the 21st..

  • Capt Clayt (retired) (Sunday, January 06 13 02:21 am GMT)

    I have found some unseen photos which I will sort out and digitize by Easter and present on a disk. Some were taken in Holland, France, Spain and various locations in the UK.

    Jen is always with us and it's nice to have photos but for us she was and is part of us and will always be so.

  • Keith (Tuesday, December 04 12 11:04 pm GMT)

    I came across you dedication site today, and I worry for you. I would advise you to seek help to overcome your grief and sorrow. I do not mean a simple councillor but a psychoanalyst who will help
    you by giving you guidance with your future life.
    In any case your site is moving and a wonderful tribute to your wife's memory, but do think about the suggestion above.
    My sincere best wishes

  • Wanda Billiot (Saturday, October 20 12 12:29 pm BST)

    Dear Jim, I just wanted to let you know that I have thought of you many times since I emailed you several weeks ago and got a response from you mentioning your anniversary coming up on Oct 20th. I am
    sure you get a lot of correspondence and it's hard to remember what stranger said what...but.. I had mentioned my husband passed away Mar 28th from lung cancer and I too was facing my first
    anniversary "Alone" on Oct 19th. It would have been our 26th.

    I pray that God will carry you today and when the day is over that you will be able to smile from the past memories, because I already know the day will be filled with tears, sadness and a resentment
    of "why did this have to happen to us."'

    I have no advise of how to get through the day.. all I can say is it just passes.. and.. it's like so many of the "1st special days" that you spent together that meant so much to both of you.. and..
    now.. it's just you...just like it's just "me" and so many others are going through the same pain we are.

    You are in my prayers and I am asking God to hold on to you particularly tight today so you can feel His love.. because I know you will definitely be feeling Jen's.

    Wanda Billiot

  • Toby & Annie (Wednesday, October 17 12 09:19 pm BST)

    This site is such a moving and beautiful tribute.

  • Thelma (Thursday, October 11 12 03:50 pm BST)

    Overwhelming and a harrowing read. Almost too much love to bear.
    I have been married for almost 45 years but have never felt such intensity, don’t know if I want to! I don’t have your strength to carry on feeling like that.
    Came to site by being a previous work friend (Digital) of Jenny and consequently Peter C. They called in to see us in N, Devon a few weeks ago on their way to Cornwall.
    Will be thinking of you on the months to come

  • Renee (Friday, October 05 12 02:37 pm BST)

    Even though I only met Jennifer once, I feel priviledged.
    What an exceptional lady.

  • jane (Thursday, October 04 12 11:28 pm BST)

    I just saw your note about your 45th anniversary coming up Oct
    20. Oct 19th would have been our 26th.I have no idea how I will get
    through it.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you as I try to get through the

  • anon (Thursday, October 04 12 11:26 pm BST)

    Message: Jim, I have come to this site several times in the last few
    weeks looking for any new thoughts from see how you are doing.

    I lost my husband on March 28th 2012 and understand how painful it is.
    I am praying for you...

  • Robin Whittell (Monday, October 01 12 07:37 pm BST)

    Firstly, thank you Dad for a wonderful site dedicated to Mum.

    I read Brooke's letter for the first time this evening and was moved to tears - it just reminds me of everything we loved so much about Mum and what a truely superb individual she was and is still so
    much missed...

    Brooke was too young to fully comprehend what was happening, here for her 8th birthday and gone five weeks later. We talk about Mum a lot and Brooke, as you know, always talks about 'Dodo' with some
    much love and feeling, she will never forget her that's for sure. Brooke will, I know, honour Mum to the best of her abilities and will wear her senior school skirt with pride.

    Thank you to everyone who visits this site and for remembering Mum, she was a truely great Mum.

  • Patrick (Thursday, September 13 12 05:38 pm BST)

    A wonderful tribute to your wife - it almost made me cry!

  • Angela (Wednesday, August 22 12 11:50 am BST)

    Time is too slow for those who wait
    Too swift for those who fear
    Too long for those who grieve
    Too short for those who rejoice
    But, for those who love –
    Time is eternity.
    Jennifer lives on in you & your family.

  • Gloria Elliott (Wednesday, August 22 12 11:21 am BST)

    Dear Jennifer, I miss our little chats and I know we didn't meet up that often but I treasure the times we did, especially remembering our times on CPV.You were such a good friend and you are in my
    heart always. Miss you lots
    Love Gloria & Simon xx

  • Jenny (Saturday, August 18 12 11:34 am BST)

    Brilliant idea Jim - Keep going. Just love looking at her wedding photo. How about some of the photos in her ball gown moments - as a charity hostess?
    will look more later....