I Found these Birthday Cards:

From my 'Random Memories'

I needed a birthday card for Bob's wife Luci and rather than buy one [which I have done to date] I knew Jen had a special box full of cards for all manner of occasions. I decided to look in the box for a card [this was Jens box which she filled and chose a card when we needed one] besides all the new cards, at the back of the box were several cards which we had given to each other, as usual she had saved them, I don't know the year they  were given, but they obviously were important to her. She always paid great attention to the printed words on the card she selected, I always just wrote my own! [I will remind myself to tell you about her saving so many different things, for me, for her, for the kids all boxed with lables and notes] - I never know when and where I will discover one! Hence I don't look in all her cupboards, drawers and wardrobes very often, if at all, for fear of what I will find]   The words in these saved cards were wonderful and very loving so much so that I cried and cried for the rest of the day........                When I am able I will put a couple on this site


So ......  here they are :

She saved this one [above] from her to me, and she saved this one [below] from me to her. I think they were both from 2009, but not sure.