About Jennifer



Jennifer was born in Sheffield, Woodhouse, on Wednesday 26th February 1947 [at an unknown time, she spent many years trying to find out the time, alas to no avail - she made sure our children knew the time of their birth] she was born into a Miners home and was the 5th child of 10 children. The Household was poor and working class.


She left school when she was fifteen, and her 1st job was as a shop assistant. She was required to hand her wages to her mother who in turn gave her a small amount of spending money


She had aspirations and a desire to make something of herself, and immediately trained as a shorthand typist and book-keeper.


This is when I first met her she was working in an office and took a par time job on the kiosk at the Odeon Sheffield to earn some extra money for a holiday.


As soon as I saw her I was attracted to her [it is interesting to note that she had no Yorkshire accent, but spoke beautiful Queens English – she was never able to tell me, or remember, how this happened – to quote her ‘It just happened’] I ask for a date and very soon we both fell deeply in love with each other.


We Married in the local church in Woodhouse on 20th October 1967


In 1972 she presented us with Cassy [Candice] and in 1974 Bob [Robin] so she stopped working and became a full time Mum


In the 80s she embarked on her first love – academia – and with no qualifications she gained 5 O levels, 3 A levels, a food nutrition qualification, another A level and finally an B.Ed. hons. And became a wonderful, successful teacher of early years children, she loved those 5 to 7’s and only taught that age group.

Cinema and films was her most loved pastime, she loved to go to the cinema and we probably went to see a film almost every week without fail. She loved culture and traveling. All and any galleries, exhibitions, historical buildings and places were always high on her list of ‘must sees’ And over the years we travelled the world together.


She was a wonderful cook and every single day produced superb food. Her delight was to cook for all the family and she would use any reason to gather the family together at our home for a ‘family meal. Easter and Christmas were very important to her to have all her family together with her.


A very special lady, wife, mother and grand mother who died aged 64, much too early in her full and rewarding life

Married for 47 wonderful happy caring years