Jennifers unfinished letter to Brooke

In the last week of her life she wanted so much to see her darling Brooke just one more time. Brookes parents did not want Brooke to see her as she was so ill, they wanted Brooke to remember her as she was. Jen was quite upset that she would be unable to see her beloved Brooke just one more time, but accepted their decision.

She then dictated the following letter to me, very slowly with many rests between her words.  This was done on Sunday 19th February and sadly she never finished it.

I will make sure that Brooke gets it when she is much older, but in the meantime it will not be lost it will live on, on this website.


My Darling Brooke


I am writing this letter to you in the last few days of my life, I have known you, loved you and looked after you for the last eight years, since you were born. This has been a highlight of my life and I have loved every minute I have been with you...

I was not able to say a proper goodbye to you because you were too young to understand, and I was very ill.


This letter to you is my special goodbye and I want you always to think of me as your loving Dodo who enjoyed so much being with you, playing with you, teaching you and showing you how to live and how to behave as the wonderful little girl you are.


I hope you will remember all the things I hoped for and the things we talked about as you grow up and when you are grown up into the wonderful woman you will become...


Please work hard at school so that you can go into the senior school.

I picture you wearing your light grey skirt with pride.

Stay at school till you reach the 6th form and then go to University.


Keep your bedroom and all you things neat and tidy, find a place for everything and always put it back into its place.


Learn to cook and cook some flapjacks for Papa when you have time 

Dodo did not finish her letter to you but she loved you so much and she lit a star for you when she died on 21st February 2012 at 12.30pm and asked me Papa to show you her star on the next clear evening.

For you my darling precious - Brooke is doing well