Welcome and Thank you for visiting Jennifers Page. This site is devoted to Jennifer a wonderful girl, wife, mother and grand mother and friend to so many. My name is James Whittell, Jennifers loving and heartbroken husband and I am proud to have created this site in the name of and in memory of my darling Jen.

Have a look around and get to know her.

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Thank you, and remember that every minute with your loved one is so important, you never know when their life will end.

Waiting for Jim


This web site is now almost complete, just a few more 'bits'  THOUGH IN MY HEART IT WILL NEVER BE FINISHED,  I KNOW I WILL KEEP FINDING MORE BITS TO ADD  -  TO ENSURE SHE LIVES ON HERE ? 

'Waiting for jim' is also the message on my grave site next to Jennifer in the Oxted Burial Ground. This cannot now happen due to the uncaring Oxted Parish council - So I will be joining Jen in her grave - Together forever.

The following thoughts are current and when I have another thought I want to enter, I move the old thoughts to the 'Randon Thoughts' section [on the menu list to the left] there are now over 300 in this section

I have been carrying this card in my top jacket pocket for over 2 years now, since I found it in my bedside drawer. I think she must have written it some years before she died. Its the sort of thing she did often - have a look at her mystery card.

Every time I change my jacket - I move it to the new one with a kiss and much regret she is no longer with me.....

Jens poem that she left for me - I can't read it without crying and I hope so much it is true . . . . . .


And if I go while you’re still there

Know that I live on, vibrating to a different measure.

Behind a thin veil, you cannot see through.

You  will not see me, so you must have faith.

I wait for the time, when we can soar together again 

Both aware of each other.

Until then, live your life to the fullest,

And when you need me….

Just whisper my name in your heart,

And I will be there.


I do and she is!

Our side by side grave that was forcebly removed

The one Promise I could not keep, through the uncareing OXTED PARISH COUNCIL - I hate hate hate them!!!!

This is an anniversary present from Cas - It shows us holding hands, the photo shows Jens hand - and when I close my eyes and stroke her hand it feels so real, I can feel her nails and fingers as if she was with me and alive. It will be placed on our grave, between us


I have now made arrangements to have a stone copy of this, on a plinth that will be places on our grave when the time comes.

This song sums up how I feel so very well - it was recorded in 1983 by my boss at the time George Hildrew - he died in 1984 from cancer

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A range of photos of my darling that I like, and can't stop adding to, hope you like them too !